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Even the smallest detail can significantly influence and improve our lives and well-being. In our case, this small detail is called the atlas (C1) and is found at the very top of the spine. If this first vertebra does not sit just right, it can have a major impact on the flow of impulses through our nerves. Using smooth, gentle energetic measures, C1 energetics helps set the atlas back into its correct position, thus allowing nerve impulses to flow naturally. Atlasology, the foundation of C1 energetics, is the right choice for anyone who wants to bring more balance into their life.



Bring balance back to your life.

The first vertebra, the atlas, plays a major role in the well-being of the rest of the body. A well-functioning nervous system requires an intact spine. Even the slightest misalignment of the spine and especially the first vertebra impairs nervous function. Who isn’t familiar with the phrase – “what a pain in the neck”!?
C1 energetics can be a useful supplementary treatment for such misalignments.
Soft, gentle measures centre the atlas, ensuring an unrestricted flow of nerve impulses. Gently vibrating the atlas encourages it to settle back into its proper position.
Using no extra instruments or tools, C1 energetics work by activating and harmonising the body’s energy fields, as well as harnessing its self-healing powers. A correctly positioned atlas can have a healing effect on both physical and psychological illnesses. Learn more about C1 energetic treatment here.

The Clinic

The Clinic

An Atmosphere of Comfort

My clinic in the Gnigl district of Salzburg is defined by comfort and a feeling of well-being. The rooms are painted in light colours and designed to help clients let go and enjoy their appointment.

"We are formed and designed by
that which we love." (Goethe)

About Me

About Me

A Few Words About Me

I was born in Salzburg in 1980 and attended the Rudolf-Steiner School. I have been happily married since 1999 and we have four children. In 2000 I completed Waldorf teacher training in Stuttgart, Germany, and since 2010 I have also been a trained IPSUM family support specialist. My love of people and animals and the joy of taking a closer look at the interconnectedness of life led me to C1 energetics. I became a certified C1 energetic therapist in 2014 and opened my own clinic in Salzburg in 2015.

Aglaia Porsche



Our costs

Adults  per session € 50,–
Students per session € 30,–
Children and teens 17 and under* per session € 25,–
Partner rate per session € 80,- 
*Children (under 10) from clients are free     



If you are unable to keep your appointment, I kindly ask you to cancel at least 24 hours in advance. Appointments which are cancelled early can then be given to another patient. Thank you for your understanding that late cancellations and no-shows will be charged the full fee.


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