How Treatment Works

Initial consultation

During an approximately 30-minute discussion, I determine where your problems lie and explain my method. 

Determining unequal leg length

After gently relaxing the back muscles, I check for apparent differences in the length of your legs.

The energetics stimulus

During your session, I transfer a gentle, targeted stimulus to the transverse processes of the C1 vertebra. This results in vibration, which allows the vertebra to move back into its proper position.



After each session, you will rest for approximately 20 minutes. This allows the spine to keep vibrating, come to rest and stabilise whilst you are lying down.


"No one knows how far their powers go until they try." (Goethe)



What is C1 energetics suitable for?

C1 energetics can provide support with the following complaints:
Please note that C1 energetics is an additional, supplementary measure and cannot replace medical treatment.

Back and lower back pain

Slipped discs


Disease of the internal organs

Sleep problems & fatigue

Neck tension

Digestion problems

Depression & other ailments

"I am fascinated by getting good results with my
own hands and no other aides, thus helping people
find greater well-being."



For whom is C1 energetics appropriate and how often should it be used?

C1 energetics is appropriate for people of all ages in almost all circumstances. It is best to use C1 energetics as a preventive measure. C1 energetics can even be used on other vertebrates such as dogs and cats. Adults typically require 5 to 10 sessions; children 2 to 4; and adolescents 3 to 6. The first 4 appointments are scheduled weekly; after that a 14-day cycle is sufficient. A check-up is advisable about 2 - 4 times a year.


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